In India, we are almost at the end of the mango season but if you are in a place where you can get mangoes then I don’t think you’ll want to miss this super easy recipe.

Mangoes are my favorite but are available only during summer and I always wait the whole year for this season (please tell me that I am not the only one) and when they are officially offseason I really miss them.

This recipe will take you to the Mango tropical paradise trust me on that -:) and with just 3 ingredients they are a breeze to make .i.e. mangoes, of course, some milk/coconut milk and some honey that is it.

The rest of it is done by the freezer which takes about 8 hours but i prefer to keep it in the freezer overnight.

Using honey in this recipe because it does not form crystals so that the Popsicle is all nice and soft and not crunchy. But if you wish to then by adding sugar also this recipe can be made.

Mangoes have just the perfect sweetness. One cup of mango is about 100 calories, they are fat-free, cholesterol-free sodium free as well as 20 different kind of vitamins and minerals which is what makes it a super fruit. Mangoes are even considered as the king of fruits. There are a variety of mangoes available which is just amazing and the one that is used in the recipe is Alphanso.

You can substitute any fruit of your liking to this recipe like the strawberry, banana with cocoa powder, etc…. If you want then you can also use frozen mangoes also.

This is my version of Popsicle let me know in the comments section below how you have made your version, your favorite Popsicle for more stay tuned!!!!!