“People forget years but all that they remember is memories” so did we made a ton of memories.

This trip is a very short one like the weekend trip. So, making the most of it is living the moment. For us, this trip was a relaxing one rather than adventure.

How to reach

We traveled to this place by Bus .i.e. KSRTC from Bangalore (since we are based here) which was at 9:30 in the night. We reached Kodaikanal around 8:30 in the morning. The place where we had our booking sent us the cab to pick up at the bus stand (since we requested for the pickup).

Place to stay

The places we stay in are always the one we have loved by far but this one was really special because we haven’t lived like this before like a real “TENT”.

Now you get to know what I am trying to say …….

Don’t worry this swiss tent has the washroom, heater and everything you really need. BONUS points you will literally feel like you are in the middle of the jungle. For once you don’t have to get up with the alarm ring, you wake up to birds chirping cold climate, you will walk in the middle of the mist. (While I’m even telling you this I so much miss getting up to this.)


The hotel was highly rated on Trip Advisor, Now that we know why so we would highly recommend this place for anyone going to Kodaikanal. This place is like heaven on earth literally. The hotel people are so courteous and punctual on time, even though they do not have a running kitchen all the time you have to order food as early as possible. The food taste is just amazing I know this sounds cliche the struggle for vegetarian food is real.

Since we had been there with a conscious intention to relax so we did most of the trip in a super-chilled way.

We reached the hotel and as soon as we reached we asked the hotel staff to let us know what kind to things are feasible for us to do today, immediately he suggested us to for the valley tour which cost us Rs 2000/-, a decent amount with a luxury of spending time according to us and mind you we got the Innova car just for the two of us.

We started around 10:30 which lasted about 3-4 hours.

Things To Do:

  1. coaker’s walk
  2. Kodai Lake
  3. cycling by the lake. (oh, let me tell it was so much fun as they have double seat cycles)
  4. shopping
  5. cafes
  6. boating
  7. valley tours
  8. forest tours
  9. horse riding
  10. Live sketching

Coaker’s walk

This is for nature lovers, it is a kilometer’s walk amidst the mountains it is such an amazing and pleasant walk. I would suggest you visit this place as early as you can to enjoy nature before it is too crowded.

Timings: 7am to 7pm

entry fees: Rs10 per adult and Rs 20 for the telescope view.

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