How can anyone say no to d chocolate milkshake🤔?……….. This delicious milkshake not just tasting amazing but is a good protein to your body…. nourish your soul and I promise you won’t regret.

You can enjoy this smoothy anytime either in the morning for breakfast or post workout or even as an evening snack.

It is said “a smoothy a day keeps the doctor away ”

It is such an easy recipe to make with just simple ingredients that could be found in your kitchen anytime.


Banana or frozen Banana                   2 medium size

Milk                                                            1cup

Cocoa powder                                           1 Tsp

Honey                                                         2 Tbsp

Dates                                                            4 whole dates

Chia seeds                                                   2 tsp



Add the Banana, milk, cocoa powder, honey, dates, to the blender.

Now pour the smoothy to the glass and add chia seeds on top.

Now you can enjoy the whole smoothy and fill your stomach.

without feeling guilty of eating or drinking something which is unhealthy.


Soak the dates in hot water or hot milk if the dates are a little bit hard to blend.